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Scott's Landscaping Bid/Build Services

Our Commercial Bid/Build installers provide a quality installation at a competitive price. We look for efficiencies and Value Engineering opportunities for the benefit of our project teams, not shortcuts. 

Our attention to detail through the bidding process means we thoroughly review project specifications, so the Project Lead or Owner's vision is carried out. 

In addition, Scott's Landscaping is a Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace. Our crews reliably and responsibly show

up, maintain necessary clearences and background checks, and adhere to OSHA and PPE guidelines as required. We are proud of our commercial work within Happy Valley on both Prevailing Wage and privately-funded commercial projects. 


Scott's Team of seasoned hardscape installers ensures your walkway, patio, and paver projects are built to last. We don't cut corners and install our work to meet or exceed the high standards of the interlocking Concrete Paver Institute. 

We also offer many options for segmental retaining walls, unit pavers, natural stone, clay pavers, concrete pavers, decorative gravel, and edging options. 

Planting Installation

Our Planting Crews work with living plant material every day. We understand the unique way that each plant matures as it grows, always handle with care, and amend our planting beds to specification with the correct nutrients so every plant starts off right.  

We also source much of our inventory from Wheatfield Nursery, Happy Valley's largest and leading resource for high-quality plant material.

In addition, Scott's Landscaping can offer WBE Credits for projects that require diversity participation.





Erosion and Sedimentation Controls

Scott's Landscaping offers full erosion and sedimentation services.  We frequently partner with Pinnacle Erosion Control, coordinating our timing and installations to meet project deadlines.

Our services include Matting, Hydroseeding, Compost Filter Sock, Temporary Seeding, and more.

Rooftop Gardens

If a green roof is part of your design bidding package, Scott's can help.  We are experienced in many methods of rooftop paving, planting, specialty soil media mixes, drainage matting, edging, and decorative stone installations.  We will also coordinate with crane services as needed to access rooftop construction areas.

Site Furnishings

If your Commercial project requires bike racks, benches, receptacles, or other site furnishings, Scott's Bid/Build team can source, assemble, and install it as specified.  

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