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Watering Guidelines

This may sound strange, but you can drown a plant.  Newly installed and healthy plants need water to remain healthy, but not too much.  Give your new plants the right amount of water (not too much, not too little) and they'll establish quickly and make your garden beautiful for years to come!  Scott's recommended watering guidelines make it easy.  And if you have a question, reach out and ask!

Deep watering

Deep watering helps plants develop a deep and sturdy root system.

It's best to provide a deep soaking and get water to the roots instead of running off on the surface.

the roots, not the leaves

Always water around the root ball and not the leaves.

Watering leaves can lead to leaf damage and health issues, especially during the heat of summer.

water, wait, repeat

Allow roots and soil to dry slightly between waterings.  

Not "Sahara Desert" dry, but "Sauvignon Blanc" dry.  

"weather" or not to water...

Just because it rains, it doesn't mean it's okay to skip watering.

Often a quick summer rain will run off or evaporate before reaching the roots.

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