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bulk goods

Scott's Landscaping offers mulch, compost, topsoil, decorative and construction stone, and more for pickup or delivery to our service area.  
We're conveniently located in
Centre Hall for your project needs!

brown dyed mulch

black dyed mulch



triple-ground mulch

decorative gravel

We stock 1B Pea Stone, 2B River Stone, River Jack, and more at our Centre Hall Landscape Yard.


pea stone


2b riverstone

3B riverstone

river jack

construction aggregate

Our inventory also includes construction sand, 2A and 2B compactable limestone, and more.

construction sand

2a Limestone

2b Limestone

Construction Stone
Soil and Compost

Leaf compost

screened topsoil

Untitled (2)_edited.png

Compost and soil

Our screened topsoil is amended with our compost onsite. 

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