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Lawn Care to Fit Your Needs

Scott's offers both seasonal and individualized lawn care programs to fit your needs.  Our trained team of managers and technicians can consult with you to develop a program that works.  Our team of licensed spray applicators safely apply lawn care products, and employ Integrated Pest Management practices whenever appropriate.


Whether you'd prefer a seasonal program or a specialized treatment, we'll work with you to

help.  We offer the services below for your lawn care needs.

Lime Application

When appropriate, Scott's offers lime applications to adjust soil pH or improve growing conditions.

Fertilization Program

Our Fertilization Program works like a menu, and you're welcome to order all of it, or just a few things.  Whether your lawn needs to look a little greener for a party you're planning or you're looking to control a weed outbreak, Scott's Lawn Care can consult with you to provide and discuss options.  We apply granular fertilizers at rates calibrated for best results.

Topdress and Overseed Service

If your lawn is showing bare areas, our Topdress and Overseed service can restore them.  Our trained Lawn Care Team topdresses with nutrient-rich compost and uses only healthy, viable, weed-free lawn seed.  We also offer various lawn mulching options to help you get back to a full, beautiful lawn.

Core Aeration

Scott's Lawn Care offers complete core aeration services, to combat the soil compaction and turf thatch that can gradually reduce your lawn's vigor and health.

Broadleaf Weed Control

Ugh, more Dandelion's from next door??  Our Broadleaf Weed Control services can control or eradicate common problem weeds from your lawn to keep it looking its best.

Lawn Repair and Renovation Services

Scott's Team can repair or renovate lawns after disturbance from construction, or from areas that have become shaded over time, or from high-traffic areas where turf is starting to thin.  When necessary, we'll partner with our Install Team and our fleet of equipment to tackle any project.  From broadcast seeding, bringing in new topsoil, slit-seeding, or a combination of services, Scott's can bring back those tired turf areas and restore them back to life.

Our Lawn Care Services Program


Scott's Lawn Care offers the following services, which can be approved either individually or as a seasonal service package.  Contact our office today to find out more or to set up an appointment.

Round 1 - Fertilizer with Crabgrass Control

Typically occurs in March or April.  This application includes a granular fertilizer with a pre-emergent crabgrass control.  This formula will allow your lawn to "green up" quickly, while preventing select weedy grass species from germinating.  

Round 2 - Spring Broadleaf Weed Control

Typically occurs in April or May.  This late spring liquid broadleaf weed control application is designed to control the most common broadleaf weeds.  This post-emergent spray application is absorbed through the leaf when the plant is actively growing, controlling the weed at its root.

Round 3 - Fertilizer with Grub Control

Typically occurs in June or July.  This service is a slow-release granular fertilizer that includes year-long residual grub control.  This application does not include weed control.

Round 4 - Late Summer / Early Fall Fertilizer

Typically occurs in August or September.  This late summer / early fall fertilization typically results in significant improvements in turf color and density.  It also sets the stage for the health benefits of the late fall fertilization.  

Round 5 - Fall Broadleaf Weed Control

Typically occurs in September or October.  During the fall, weeds prepare for the winter by pulling carbohydrates from their leafs to their roots.  This makes fall an optimal time to target hard-to-control weeds in your yard.  Not all weeds can be controlled by a single application.

Round 6 - Late Fall Fertilization

Typically occurs in October or November.  This fertilization continues strengthening your lawn's root system into the winter months and promotes vigorous root growth in spring.  It also helps maintain turf color without increasing the chance of winter injury or disease. 

Spring or Fall Core Aeration

Core aeration the process of mechanically pulling plugs of turf, soil, and thatch out from your lawn.  This helps relieve soil compaction, maintains proper thatch levels, and increases water and nutrient uptake by improving your lawn's permeability.  

Please note, Scott's does not recommend or offer our Core Aeration Service on properties with invisible dog fence systems.  

Lime Application

Adding lime to a lawn can help counteract soil acidity, add important soil micro-nutrients, and make soil nutrients more readily available to the lawn.

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