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A Better Way to Install Landscape Lighting

At Scott's Landscaping, we know there are many ways to light up an outdoor living space.  Outdoor lighting systems are exposed to extreme temperatures, fluctuating weather, outdoor activities, and even the family dog!

That's why we provide durable low-voltage lighting systems using only the finest quality materials and installation practices.  Because if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!

Find out more about our minimal-maintenance landscape lighting systems below.

Solid Bronze CAST fixtures

We source and use solid Bronze CAST fixtures.

Their corrosion-proof lights weather to a beautiful patina, and come with a Lifetime Fixture Warranty.

Integrated LED Bulbs

Simplify your landscape maintenance needs with integrated LED bulbs.  They're factory sealed within the fixture to reduce the need to constantly replace bulbs, and eliminate the irritation of having a light out.

Marine-grade Wiring

Lighting experts will tell you lights are only as good as the wires that connect them.  Scott's uses marine-grade wiring and sealed, waterproof fittings to connect them.  This prevents oxidation from interfering and means your lights go on, and stay on, when you want them on.

Astronomical Digital Time Clock

We know you have better things to do than re-set your system's time clock every season.  When it's dark early in winter, or light out late in summer, our Astronomical Digital Time Clock with an automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment turns your lights on when you need them, and turns them off when you don't.

Courteous, Professional Installers and Service

Our team can help plan your system, and when it's time to install, we treat you, and your home home and garden, with respect.  Protection of your existing landscape, restoration of planting beds, and cleaning areas we disturb are part of Scott's professional installation.  

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Extend the enjoyment of Your Home After Hours!

Our team installs various fixture types to create a balanced and beautiful lighting display to improve your home's safety and functionality after hours.  Some of the fixtures we use regularly are listed below.

Path Lighting

Durable solid bronze fixtures suitable for lighting the edges of walkways, planting beds, and other areas.


Our ground-mounted Uplighting effects include wall-washing, highlighting accent and specimen plant material, and bringing attention to entry signs, mailboxes, or home address numbers. 

Moonlight-effect Downlighting

Our tree-mounted ambiance lighting creates moonlight-effects and includes accent spotlighting.

Recessed "Niche" Fixtures

Our "niche" fixtures illuminate hard-to reach spaces and include deck lighting, hardscape cap lights, and step lighting to make finding your way at night more functional and beautiful!

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