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Building a Landscape is Just the Beginning

At Scott's Landscaping, we know there's other ways to spend your time than taking care of your landscape. 


Our Maintenance Team treats your home with the Integrity, Accountability, Creativity, and Trust that are foundational to our values. 


We've been managing properties in Happy Valley and surrounding areas since 1990--long enough that some of our newly installed properties are now mature ones!  Find out more about our Maintenance Services below, or let us know if there's something special you have in mind.

We offer both Residential and Commercial maintenance packages for our clients and offer the services below.

Weekly Mowing

Scott's Team can give you back your weekends, and free up your time to enjoy other things.  Our Weekly Mowing service will leave your property clean and trimmed throughout the growing season.

Spring and Fall Cleanups

Early and late Seasonal Cleanups are great ways to "wake up" or "tuck in" your landscape.  Our Team can remove leaf debris, trim back perennials and ornamental grasses, and get your property cleaned up and orderly.  

Landscape Bed Edging and Mulching

Our Bed Edging and Mulching Service trims planting bed edges and installs a fresh layer of mulch to keep your beds healthy and minimize weed growth.  We offer many types of hardwood mulches, including premium triple-ground shredded hardwood mulch and dyed options.  

Visit our Bulk Goods page to see some of our mulching and decorative stone options.

In-Season and Dormant Pruning

If your landscape is ready for a trim, Scott's Maintenance Team offers pruning services.  In-season pruning controls new growth during the warm growing season and is helpful in controlling sizes and shapes of your landscape trees and shrubs.  Our Dormant Pruning includes structural and corrective pruning to thin and more aggressively control the size or form of your plant material. 


Questions about either?  Ask one of our Account Managers for details.

Bed Maintenance and Weed Control

Let Scott's Team keep you out of the weeds!  We'll help keep your beds made nicely, all season long!

Lawn De-Thatching

Along with our Lawn Care Team, Scott's Maintenance can help manage your turfgrass thatch levels.

Seasonal Color Displays and Rotations

Our Account Managers and Maintenance Team love brightening up a landscape by adding seasonal color.  We can work with your existing bed areas or containers, or help you plan new planting beds and source a variety of containers.  We source much of our material locally through Wheatfield Nursery, so with time to plan, we can make a big impact! 

Visit our Enhancements page to see some examples.

Irrigation System Maintenance

If your property has an existing irrigation system that requires servicing, including start-ups, winterization, or troubleshooting, Scott's Team can handle it for you.

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