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Just a quick reminder this week that warm weather is on its way! Even though it may still feel like winter, planning ahead now for spring is a HUGE way to help you get your landscape ready for spring, and cross something off your to-do list at the same time! Here are a few ways the Scott’s team is lining up our spring work load—let us know today if we help with your spring planning as well! Hardscape Design and Planning Still trying to figure out how to make your patio, deck, or front walkway project come together so you can enjoy the outdoors this year? Let our design and planning team use their site planning expertise to help. We can also help with increasing curb appeal, getting a prop


It’s been a busy week at Scott’s! With repeated snow and ice storms this week, our team has been working to keep up with our spring services planning. With temperatures see-sawing between freezing and the high 40’s in the coming weeks, we’re scheduling and booking projects for both our maintenance and install crews now for the warm weather ahead. But enough about work! This week kicks off the Winter Olympics, and what better way to celebrate by sharing some of the Scott’s Olympic competitors we are sending to South Korea to compete in the lesser known Winter Landscape Games! This weekend, don’t miss our proud participation in the following events as Scott’s brings home the gold! The Scot

7 Spring Cleanup Tips for Groundhog Day

Punxsutawny Phil broke the news this morning, but c'mon...who needed a groundhog to tell us we've got six more weeks of winter? It's never to early to start planning for the snow melting and the birds returning, so here are a seven spring cleanup tips to help wake up your garden for Spring. Whether doing it yourself or calling Scott’s to help, here are some guidelines to help prepare for the first warm day. 1. Mulching and Edging When you can finally smell the soil again and the last piles of snow on the north side of the house are melting, it's time to edge and mulch. It's easier to take care of this early, before your perennials and tender spring leaves push out—there's less risk of da

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