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It’s been a busy week at Scott’s! With repeated snow and ice storms this week, our team has been working to keep up with our spring services planning. With temperatures see-sawing between freezing and the high 40’s in the coming weeks, we’re scheduling and booking projects for both our maintenance and install crews now for the warm weather ahead.

But enough about work! This week kicks off the Winter Olympics, and what better way to celebrate by sharing some of the Scott’s Olympic competitors we are sending to South Korea to compete in the lesser known Winter Landscape Games! This weekend, don’t miss our proud participation in the following events as Scott’s brings home the gold!

The Scott’s Recruiting Team competes this Saturday morning (February 10) from 8-11 at our Centre Hall office to bring the best and brightest to our team for the 2018 season. Our open house is a great way for any interested to come visit our office and find out more about ways to join the Scott’s Landscaping team and meet some of our staff! Check out details here; no need to pre-register.

Our Planning and Design team is continuing to work hard to bring great plan solutions to homeowners and properties around Centre County. Want to meet one of our gold-medal designers for a spring project? Plan ahead now to secure your spot for a spring install!

Scott’s Olympic shovelers will be taking a break, after they competed in multiple rounds to see who could clear the most drive aprons down to pavement before the sun came up! The will be back to compete once weather conditions are horrible enough again to set up the playing field.

Our Synchronized Skid Steer team competed to clear commercial sites ahead of this week’s storms. Our team quadrant captains have kept the SSS crew’s movements tight, and dispatched their backup Synchronized Salters right behind the main events.

And because we are a very proud drug and alcohol-free workplace, Scott’s is proud to know none of our competitors will be disqualified for doping!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

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