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Spring Reminders

Just a quick reminder this week that warm weather is on its way! Even though it may still feel like winter, planning ahead now for spring is a HUGE way to help you get your landscape ready for spring, and cross something off your to-do list at the same time!

Here are a few ways the Scott’s team is lining up our spring work load—let us know today if we help with your spring planning as well!

Hardscape Design and Planning

Still trying to figure out how to make your patio, deck, or front walkway project come together so you can enjoy the outdoors this year? Let our design and planning team use their site planning expertise to help. We can also help with increasing curb appeal, getting a property ready cleaned up to list for sale for the spring real estate rush, or plan ahead for this year’s graduation parties.

Mulch Reductions and Turf Treatments

A few weeks ago we mentioned mulch reductions and someone emailed and asked, “wait, you can have TOO MUCH mulch in your garden?” So at the risk of being repetitive, yes! It’s important not to add more mulch to your landscape than can break down within a mulching season. It risks becoming a breeding ground for pests and insects, and can lead to other plant health care problems as high levels of mulch create nitrogen-depleting soil conditions, suffocate planting beds, or build up to choke out tree trunks. It’s a labor-intensive process to remove the old mulch and freshen up planting beds with a new layer, but the benefits last for years!

Spring Fertilizing and Yard Clean-Ups

Scott’s turf care team is lining up our seasonal routes for lawn care treatments now. If you are planning ahead for a graduation or family party this year and want your lawn to looks its best, let Scott’s turf care put you on the schedule now. Many applications require some time and the right weather conditions, so calling early is helpful to be sure our lawn care program can work best for your home. Also, spring clean-up season will be here soon! Our edging, mulching, and cleanup service can start your landscape off on the right foot. Let one of our Account Advisors help plan for your spring cleanup needs and get your place looking its best!

Have a great weekend!

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